Odisha Biennale

ODISHA BIENNALE was launched in 2013 as a global convocation of visual/performing artists with all their diversity. It aims to bring together tribal, folk, classical and contemporary art forms and artists from all over the world under one roof and develop and present a program/exhibition that challenges traditional thinking and encourages new levels of enthusiasm for innovative creative expression.

ODISHA BIENNALE presents a 1-week exhibition, a program of artist talks, performances, workshops, film screenings, guided tours and other special events. We are also interested in the link between creative practice and social development, in the links between the local, Japan and global contexts.

The workshop by artists would be held in underprivileged communities as well. Our programs promote the exchange of art and ideas through workshops, staging, and exhibiting arts and work globally and locally, bringing together an international vision of art and cross-cultural exchange with a commitment to the community involvement and the enrichment of Odisha’s cultural resources. Each time, ODISHA BIENNALE would strive to collaborate with local artists and craftsmen, to build a platform that promotes Odisha’s position within the international sphere.

Through partnerships with Japan and international voices, ODISHA BIENNALE aims to support an Odia cultural identity that is both locally rooted and internationally relevant. ODISHA BIENNALE will establish workshops for children lead by local and international cultural practitioners to promote access to contemporary culture for all ages.

During ODISHA BIENNALE, we aim to highlight ODISHA as a dynamic hub for current ideas and an open society that encourages freedom of expression and debate, as well as sponsoring significant and lasting benefits for the area and its inhabitants, socially, economically and culturally.

For more details, visit our website – http://www.odishabiennale.com